Disaster cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection after a disaster

REPAIR AFTER FIRE, WATER LEAK, FLOOD or abandoned property due to Diogenes Syndrome, Syllogomania, Korsakoff Syndrome, Noah Syndrome, Carelessness.

We are at your service for the restoration and thorough cleaning of apartments and houses after a disaster for demanding customers. We carry out any reclamation after a fire or water damage, water leakage, flooding or abandoned per inhabitant. A disaster cleanup is often a difficult or even extreme intervention to restore the premises. Following a flood or water damage, it will sometimes be necessary to pump and evacuate the water, to dry up and dehumidify the premises.

More than a simple cleaning, Micro Desinfection offers all the services you may need for a complete restoration of your apartment or house after disasters.

What those who prefer us feel;

Confidence 100%
Health 100%
Customer happiness 100%
Smiling face 100%